Dr. Cindy Wu, RAc. TCMD

Dr. Cindy Wu graduated as an MD in Harbin, China. She studied Traditional Chinese medicine, with a major in the Acupuncture at Medical University in China. After graduation, she served both as a provincial hospital Doctor and as a Professor at the University of Harbin, from which she graduated.

In Canada in 1997, Dr. Wu has made it her mission to devote her knowledge and techniques to improve the health of Canadians. She practiced at the Wild Rose Holistic Clinic for over 14 years. Her special technique and effective treatment were soon accepted and in high demand.

Dr. Wu believes Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help reduce chronic pain as well as acute illness. 

Her practice combines the use of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Herbal Medicine, and Therapeutic exercise, as well as Nutrition and Diet consulting. 

With this, Harmony Acupuncture & Healthcare has for mission to  bridge the gap between Western, Chinese, Allopathic and Herbal Medicine, creating a customized natural treatment profile for each patient.

Sandy Ewing, RMT.

Sandy Ewing, with 27 years experience, provides therapeutic massage, relaxation massage, sport massage and cupping.

Sandy is a graduate of CCMH (Canadian College of Hydrotherapy and Massage, 1990), HAI (Healing Arts Institute, 1992), and OVCMT (Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy, 2008). Sandy has taken numerous workshops since 1987, exploring the body mind connection.

Moved to Calgary in 2008, after living in British Columbia, Colorado, and Ontario, and is happy to be here.

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